Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Challenge: blue+aqua+green mani

Hi! Today I'll be showing you my design from the list of the Summer Challenge. We were supposed to create a mani using blue, aqua and green colours and this is what I've created:

The glitter nail polish that I've used, actually shines with a hint of a blue, but sadly I couldn't capture it on pictures... (Essence 03 hello holo)
I also want to show you two other designs that I've created, both were also part of the Summer Challenge. Picnic nails:

and Ice cream sundae:

If you're interested in joining the Summer Challenge please visit this  facebook page: and you can be added to the list of the talented participants;) It's definitely worth checking out the designs that all the girls are creating, because they're marvelous. Maybe I'll see you there as well!
Hope you enjoy all the designs that I've shown you today:)

List of other participants:
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  1. Those are great designs! I like especially the picnic nails :) Welcome to the Summer challenge :)

  2. omg these are all sooo cute! love them, great job!! :)

  3. picnic nails my fav!! love the ants!

  4. OMG! So pretty and lot of details! Just adore your work!